Monday, September 8, 2014

Where in the hell did August go?  My life has been a blur as of late. Guests in and out of town, friends staying with us, vacation, crazy change and transition at work, T starting school this week but was delayed by 2 days, test riding, ordering and now waiting impatiently for a new bike AND moving into my new studio...  Oh how I welcome the routine of fall.

I am not yet with my head above water but I feel it coming- I do.  I am technically in my studio but since I have super limited access to a car I am very much just slightly in. This afternoon I will be heading over to settle what is there but that does not include any furniture so its still a little bare. But at the same time I kind of want it to be a more minimal space then my usual studio vibe.  I am REALLY looking forward to being settled into the new space and the new schedule that I have now that T is in school and with my studio days shifting around.  But I am also not putting pressure on myself to make it happen too quickly. I kind of want to savor this time of transition as opposed to letting it speed by.

But the good news is I am shipping 2 of my works off to Chicago today for a lovely show, my teaching schedule is full with new and familiar places this fall and things are starting to settle down in my "other" work life too.  So I hope to breath a sigh out soon and show you some new work and oh it would be so nice to say hello a little more often.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Done? I think. We will see once it is dry and on my wall. But I think these monkeys are complete. This piece just flew out of me it was crazy. I feel like it was one of the quickest pieces that I have ever made. I am not sure if that is true or if it was all in my head but it feels good. It is seeming all done except some text that I need to add but that should be just an hour or so. More pics soon.

If only all my pieces would fall out of me so effortlessly.



I have committed. Drum roll? This will be my new studio.  I need to paint the floors a glossy white as it makes it brighter and cleaner for my work and in 2 weeks move my stuff in but its mine.  This was a huge decision that kind of came on fast and yet was made very slowly and deliberately.  
As I mentioned I have been starting to struggle in my current situation as I feel a little claustrophobic with my current situation, psychologically smothered by my house and simultaneously lacking focus and discipline.  This spring threw my studio practice through a loop and as a result I really felt I needed a change.

I also needed to feel professional again and having my studio at home just never felt that way. I did not like having people in for studio visits and such. SO I am really excited and think this is a good decision for me.  I really like the artist that shares the space (my space is lofted over hers) and though the space is quirky I like it a lot. It felt really comfortable.

And I have never  had so much wall space in all my studios ever. So that is exciting and intriguing.

So we will see how things go. But over the next few weeks you will see my studio be packed up slowly and then unveiled into a new work space. I hope I end up being happy with this decision.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

keeping on.

...that vacation post was suppose to go live a week ago and apparently did not so ta da- I am back! and rested from vacation on the beach. I slept a lot, played in the sand a lot with t and as always was healed and restored by the profound nature of the ocean. I truly could never live inland again.  

so much and so little to say. the above work is progressing at a refreshingly fast pace and will most likely be done by end of day tomorrow.  My last piece (still incomplete) felt like it took forever to finish and then it was so discouraging when I washed it and realized that it was actually very not done. So these little monkeys have been a buoy to my making spirit. 

I also took some images that I am looking forward to translating into drawings for "next" up.  Another toy one and then a narrative portrait, something I have not been inspired to do for over a year now.

I am seriously thinking about getting a studio outside of the house again, which is financially a sacrifice for me big time but in the last months I have felt so suppressed by my home and undisciplined in my studio that it is beginning to feel like a step that I really need to take.  The studio I have found is unusual but at the same time I am attracted to its unique nature and am intrigued by how its pros and cons would affect my work (I think your space ALWAYS affects the work you are making and how you make it.)  So that's big. It is not 100% but I am feeling like 98% in my head.

so life and art keep on keepin' on.

Monday, August 11, 2014


getting my brain and body rested. hopefully that will lead to inspiration.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

more toys. ..


I like the simplicity of this imagery.  Though it is not necessarily simple in craft it has a simplicity in the content, the scale, the palette that I am currently craving.

Artist Atsuko  Chirikjian

the struggle

I am having one of those what the f am I doing days?  I am really struggling with balancing all that I have on my plate. I am balancing and all- but I am very on my artist side. I am always fighting for studio time and since my spring and summer have been so hectic with teaching and life stuff I feel like things have gone stagnant which, though not totally true, is terrifying.

I love, love, love teaching---but it is often a choice between my own work and practice or teaching and always having to struggle and navigate that is exhausting.

I also have not had a show that felt like a true accomplishment in quite awhile now. I am aware that part of that is my lack of applying for things but that is just another giant time suck.

The images I am shooting with my camera feel great.  There is just that major and totally annoying issue of not having any way to currently print them. Slight snag in that passion. But I am hoping some things in the fall will amend that issue. Fingers uber crossed there.

Really just venting but why cannot us artists have some way of being more supported in our endeavors instead of having to struggle and fight our entire careers.